Pima Cotton Socks

Pima Cotton Socks

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Featuring the Pokoloko mascot and forever-giver-of-good-vibes, the alpaca - these little pals will help you put your best foot forward. Made with luxurious Pima cotton, these exclusive, custom-Poko-designed socks will keep you and your feet happy!

We traveled South to work with Peru's infamous Pima farmers to find the best socks the world has to offer. We partnered with local Peruvian farmers and makers to gather these luxury materials and created a series of custom-made, premium socks for all ages.

This Pima cotton blend sock is ideal for those looking for a comfortable sock fit with an option to roll the socks up or down. ​​Pima cotton is an exceptional, luxurious, hand-harvested fiber that boasts pure, unparalleled cotton quality. Pima cotton is pile-resistant, ultra-durable, remarkably soft, hypoallergenic, breathable, and moisture-wicking.

This is a custom design collaboration between our artisans and Poko teammates. A good pair of socks is a great investment, and a thoughtful gift for friends, family or coworkers.

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