Guardian Spirit Cards
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Guardian Spirit Cards

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Why Guardian Spirt Cards

4 Celestial Animals to Protect and PowerUp With

The Four Guardian Spirits: Green Dragon, Vermillion Bird, White Tiger, and Black Turtle
harmonize together to bring you positive energy and happiness!
  • The Green Dragon (East)is a major provider of luck, happiness, and brings wealth and well-being! The Dragon is the most auspicious animal in Chinese mythology and represents strength, wisdom, power, and good luck.
  • The Vermillion Bird (South)brings fame, fortune, success, and new opportunities! Wonderful for renewal and starting afresh. The Bird has Fire symbolism, and with that comes transformation and creativity!
  • The White Tiger (West) protects from any harm coming your way. The Tiger has powerful energy and is a reminder to overcome obstacles and fear.
  • The Black Turtle (North) symbolizes longevity, endurance, support, and stability. Wonderful for grounding and protection from negativity. The Turtle is a sacred symbol representing the earth, as well as the Spirit of Water. The image of a Turtle with a Snake coiled around it is known as the Dark Warrior.

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