1 L REFILLS of Booch
Booch Organic Kombucha (London)

1 L REFILLS of Booch

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More Booch for your buck while we reduce our footprint! What a perfect match. Bring us your clean, empty 1 L growler (or add one to your order) and we will fill that for you while you wait. Easy as that. More Booch ... more better!

We currently have two of our favs on tap!

BREATHE - Grab a bottle, take a deep inhale, and sip with intent.
This kombucha is sweet with undertones of elderflower and lavender finishing perfectly with peppermint and eucalyptus.

BLUE  MERMAID- This Booch is naturally blue/teal from nutritious blue spirulina! A refreshing blue- lemonade with fresh pressed organic lemons, lemongrass, vanilla and lavender.

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