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Kombucha Hound

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Kombucha Hound is Sarnia’s first and only Organic Kombucha wholesale provider!
I pride myself in producing small, artisan, batches to maintain quality control and assure the flavour is perfect every time.

Kombucha is an ancient drink that has been around for 2000 years and originates in Asia. With people becoming more health conscious and aware of what they’re consuming there is no slowing down in this trend.

To simplify what Kombucha is; it's a Sweet Tea that has been Fermented. Similar to yogurt, cheese, sauerkraut and some breads a culture is added to the sweet tea during the first fermentation. It eats away at the sugar and transforms the sweet tea into a slightly vinegary, naturally carbonated drink that is packed full of nutrition, improves the digestion and helps boost the immune system.

Properties and benefits: Kombucha helps people reconnect with their gut. Too often our lifestyles get busy and we tend to gravitate towards fast food and other processed products which make us feel sick and sluggish. Starting your day off on an empty stomach and drinking Kombucha (2-4 oz to start) will let your gut adjust to living bacteria, yeast and healthy acids that stimulate and communicate with the body on what foods are healthy and what are not. Your taste buds can change. Normally you would gravitate to fatty, high sugar foods now you avoid them. Kombucha doesn't cure disease but provides your body with the nutrition and opportunity to return balance so the immune system functions more effectively. With drinking Kombucha daily it can bring balance back to your body, diet and lifestyle.

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